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Top 5 feel good Nanny movies

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Theres something endearing and sweet about a Movie Nanny character weather that be the sweet or little bit ‘unusual’, the nanny has been the centre of serval much loved films across the decades. Here are NannyTaps Top 5 most famous on-screen nannies:

1. Mary (Mary Poppins)

She has a magic bag, can sing and she flies around on an umbrella! Mary Poppins floats in to London to look after two adorable children of a banker and a his suffragette wife. she turns every chore into a game and every day is a "jolly holiday'. This iconic Disney movie will brighten up anybody's day, with its catchy songs, dancing chimney sweeps. This movie is memorable for all the right reasons and is practically perfect in every way. 2. Maria (Sound of music)

Maria played by Julie Andrews plays an Austrian nun who often misses her morning prayers to go out singing in the hills. she is send away into the real world to be governess/nanny to a troupe of seven children being raised by the widowed naval father. Having fun is not part of life in this house, but Marie is determined to change this with singing lessons, a guitar and some costumes made from curtains. This classic heart warming musical will brighten a gloomy day have those catchy songs stuck in your head for days. 3. Mrs Doubtfire

A father, daniel hillard, played by Robin williams is willing to do anything to remain close to his children after a bitter divorce. He comes up with a unique and life-changing way to see his children, when there is a vacancy for a housekeeper/nanny in his previous family home. He turns up in disguise as a straight talking, tarten skirt wearing Scottish lady and seals the job position. This funny family comedy will have you gasping at the various awkward family scenarios, but equally give you the giggles. A great all round uplifting movie. 4. Nanny Mcphee

A mysterious, magical and unusual looking Nanny McPhee played by (Emma Thompson), arrives at the door of Mr brown a widowed father who is unable to cope with working as an undertaker as well as looking after the children. The naughty children have managed to drive away 17 previous nannies and are set to do the same again, But Nanny Mcphee uses all the powers of her magic stick to rein in the behaviour of the seven unruly children. Although theres no singing or dancing it is a fun and delightful movie that will be enjoyed by both adults and children. 5. The King & I

An english teacher and widower Anna arrives in Siam to take on the role of governess/nanny to the children of the stubborn cold and emotionless asian king. She takes it on herself to tutor and change how they all see life, but in doing this gives herself a difficult predicament to face when love and tradition clash. This great, big costumed musical is worthy of a watch and sure to put a smile on anybodies face.

What is your favourite nanny movie? and why? comment below.

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