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Terms & Conditions

1 Fees & Expenses

The client agrees to the following

1.1  An engagement takes place when The Client has accepted, either verbally or in writing, a quotation offered by NannyTap.

1.2  All bookings incur a booking fee for evening babysitting, wedding nannies & £50 for creche bookings. This covers all aspects of admin, telephone, consultations, liaising with your venue & coordinators, the placement of nannies and teams.

1.3  All bookings outside our catchment area will incur extra fees covering creche /nannies travel time.

1.4  When requested or available, Pre-Meet and Greets with wedding nannies are charged at £25phr, location dependant. This covers mileage and must take place with parents onsite, this payment is to be made directly from client to nanny on the day of visit.

1.5   NannyTap will deliver the wedding or event childcare to the specified timings, as on quotation. Any additional hours worked outside of the agreed brief, clients returning late for babysitting will incur out of hours charges £20 each 30 minutes, which is payable immediately.

1.6   Additional children added later to a booking are charge at £15phr per child. (subject  to availability and Manageability)

1.7  A non-refundable booking fee is payable to secure the service/date with NannyTap Ltd  (20% of the package/service)

1.8  The remaining balance is due in full no later than four weeks before the date of the wedding or event. NannyTap reserves the right to charge the Client a 20% surcharge on all accounts not settled within this period.

1.9  Final confirmation of the number of children is required from the Client four weeks before the event/creche. Any changes or increase to numbers will be subject to nanny / child ratio availability. If NannyTap can accommodate increases, and supply extra nannies, immediate payment will be required

1.10       Wedding nannies supplying both daytime and late evening childcare, where possible Nannies shall be provided with a hot meal, which will be met by the client. Alternatively a £20 fee will be added to the final quote for nannies to order /purchase food & hot drink from venue menu.

1.11       Where possible, nannies are to have their supplier meals at the same time as main service, with or without children (to be discussed at consultation) taking time to eat and drink as a short break.

1.12       NannyTap is solely responsible for directly paying the wedding or event Nannies provided for the wedding or event. Any tipping on the day is at the clients discretion.

1.13       Any payments received additional to the deposit before the allotted four weeks is at the discretion of the Client and does not give any additional rights to the Client.

1.14       If the Client books wedding or event nannies less than six weeks prior to the wedding or event, the full balance is owed in order for the booking to be confirmed.

1.15       When hiring creche service, no food or drink are allowed inside the tipi tent, Any heavy soiling and damage to NannyTap’s equipment, (tipi tent, soft furnishings, ICT equipment) during hire will incur a damage fee, to the full cost of the item.

1.16       NannyTap are not liable for any accidents or for looking after any third party hired equipment made by clients, ie/ bouncy castles, large soft play areas. We are insured for our service and equipment only

2       Cancellations

2.1  NannyTap will not be held responsible where circumstances beyond its’ control resulting in cancellation. These include fire, flood, illness, accident or any other event deemed by NannyTap to be beyond its’ control.

2.2  In the event of national pandemic, lockdowns, were possible NannyTap will honour reschedules if date is available.

2.3  In the event of the client rescheduling their wedding date, were possible NannyTap will honour if date is available.

2.4  NannyTap Ltd reserves the right to cancel the booking if full payment has not been received four weeks before the wedding or event.

2.5  In the event of the client terminating this Agreement  six weeks before the scheduled reservation of NannyTap’s services.  pursuant to this Section 2.3, NannyTap is under no obligation to refund any deposits paid made by the client.

3       General

3.1  NannyTap has a minimum booking requirement of four hours per wedding nanny service & evening babysitting and four hours for an indoor creche service & 5 hours for Big VIP package. We require 30 minute set up and pack down for each creche and bell tent set up.


4.1  The wedding & event nannies are exempt from registration, but follow Ofsted ratio regulations. We reserve the right to refuse to care for additional children on the day outside of the agreed quote, this is a breach of agreement.

4.2  All evening babysitting must take place in a safe and secure room with beds/cots provided for all named children, by clients or venue.

4.3  In the event that rooms are not ready/emptied for Nannytap’s use i.e./ event stylist, hire equipment, stacked furniture and objects, we reserve the right to set up when rooms are clear & safe.

4.4  Once children/child request to leave the creche set up and are back in the company of their parents and other named family members. Nannytap are not responsible for their care or supervision. Creche Nannies will chaperone children to and from toilets during creche times and back to wedding breakfast rooms as and when needed or requested by children. They will be handed over to parents or designated family members.

4.5  In the event a child becomes unwell during booking, nannies will stay in contact with parents at all times. If child/ren illness considerably worsens nannies have right to end the booking. No medicines will be administered by nannies, only exception in an emergency (high temperature 38C or more ) that cannot be brought down during the parents return.

4.6  NannyTap and any of its direct or indirect affiliates, partners, members, employees or agents shall not be liable to the client or their affiliates for any loss, liability, damage or expense arising out of or in connection with the performance of services contemplated by this Agreement. If such loss, liability, damage or expense shall be proven to result directly from nanny’s wilful misconduct the individual nanny will be personally liable NannyTap makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, in respect of the services to be provided hereunder by Nannytap or any of its partners, members or employees. In no event will any of the parties hereto be liable to any other party hereto for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits or savings, whether or not such damages are foreseeable.

4.7  Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to be a warranty by any of the parties in respect of suitability, honesty, capability or character of any Wedding or Event Nannies introduced by Nannytap and agreed by The Client

4.8  It is the responsibility of the Client to inform Nannytap in writing, at the time of booking if there are any special needs/requirements that the child/children may have, Nannytap can make the appropriate arrangements with the Wedding or Event Nannies involved. This is specifically important in the areas of health.


5       Confidentiality

5.1  All communication, whether written or oral or however communicated, shall remain confidential between Nannytap, The Client and The Wedding Event Nannies.

5.2  These Terms are governed by the law of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales.


We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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