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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a mobile crèche service?

A mobile creche is a great way to incorporate children into any event. NannyTap offers a bespoke flexible childcare solution, which is ideal for a variety of events.

Our crèche team will come to your event location and create a fun stimulating environment by providing a safe place where parents will be happy to leave their children.

Our services-

  • Mobile crèche

  • Wedding nannies

  • Evening babysitting

Your quotation will be placed on the Terms & Conditions and will need to secure your booking by returning a deposit ,20% of your total.


On the day 

The crèche team will aim to arrive 30 mins to an hour prior to the event to set up and transform the room into an entertaining and inviting space.


Wedding nannies will familiarise themselves of nearby facilities, toilets and of emergency procedures and exit routes., ensuring the pre chosen room is safe and secure.


What information do NannyTap need to know about my child in advance?

On the day of the crèche service, we ask for child/ren to be signed in & out and notified at the beginning of the creche of any allergies, medical illnesses & SEN. This is to ensure we know as much as possible about your child and to ensure we deliver the right care. We require consent for intimate care ie/ nappy changes, toileting, changing of clothes and to act on your behalf in an emergency situation.

Who can pick up my child?

The person/s who brings your child at the crèche must be the person who collects them. This can be up to two named adults. Your child will need to be signed in and out of the crèche for safeguarding.

How do I know my child(ren) will be in safe hands?

NannyTap nannies are working professionals, fully vetted, which means they all have:

  • Qualifications

  • Child Care Experience

  • Interviewed

  • Current up to date DBS/ Check (police check)

  • will hold a First Aid certificate

  • safeguarding trained

  • arrive uniform provided, ID badged

How many staff will look after my child/ren?

NannyTap takes guidance from Ofsted ratio requirements. I take in consideration ages and children’s specific needs. Children under 12 months May require 1:1 Nanny (to be discussed on consultation)

Do child carers or mobile crèches need to be registered with Ofsted?

Under current legislation the childcare I provide is exempt from Ofsted registration. This is because the child care happens with parents close by or on same premises. NannyTap Crèches' are in line with Ofsted standards and comply with these at all times. Each Nanny is a trained professional working or studying in the child care sector, for eg/ teacher, teaching assistant, early years practitioner etc  holding qualifications, training & a DBS.

Do you carry out risk assessments?

NannyTap Crèches carries out a full risk assessment of the areas to be used for children and agrees with the venue if changes need to be made. If a venue requires risk assessment this is completed in advance.

What insurance does NannyTap hold?

NannyTap Ltd holds public and employers liability insurance.

What space is required for a mobile crèche?

We require a suitable room or space (function, conference room/hotel suite) that is safe spacious and secure to entertain children. Whilst we can turn most space into a children's play area here are some considerations and requirements:

The event space needs to:

  • Have the ability to be made secure

  • Be available for sole use by NannyTap

  • Have toilet facilities nearby (1 toilet & hand basin to every 10 children)

  • Be 3.7 sq metres of unencumbered space per child

  • Have all free standing, unsuitable equipment and furniture removed

  • Be available at least 30 mins - 1 hour before/after the event for set up/pack down.

What if my venue doesn't have available rooms space?

If you are having a wedding or event between April and Oct (weather permitting) we can provide a Bell tent. for additional cost

What sort of activities will you do?

Our mobile play crèches includes both structured craft activities and free play activities. All toys, games and equipment will be age appropriate.

On the Day Questions 
Is there anything I need to bring?

If you wish us to nappy change your child (with written signed consent) then we ask that you bring plenty of nappies and wipes to last for the duration, along with baby milk already made up. we do not supply hot food any food/ snacks will need to be supplied by parents or by the wedding venue.

If my child gets upset how will I know?

If we cannot settle your child within 20 minutes then we will contact you and keep you informed. We do are upmost to help your child, using are top nanny strategies using toys as distraction. We will keep in contact in a way you wish, sending any snap shots over to you whilst they play to keep you reassured. (With your pre-signed and verbal permission) if they will not settle you're welcome to come settle them or take the child with you if you so wish.

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