Are wedding nannies the hottest new trend for 2020?

Having a Nanny to assist in childcare, education, as well as traveling and attending events alongside the family has always been seen as a luxury only for celebrities and the elite.

But the wedding industry is seeing a new trend, - convenient, affordable and a wedding essential for any bride, groom and guests, whose children are attending the big day.

'The wedding Nanny' Is latest way to set your wedding apart from the rest. While children bring sparkle and magic to a room, the long day can be tiring and challenging for them. Nobody  wants to be that person at the wedding who misses the speeches because the baby is crying or  changing nappies in a beautiful new  outfit, running around after toddlers and arguing about who's going home early to put the kids to bed. Here is where the Wedding Nanny saves the day. 

Hiring a wedding nanny/ nannies, can provide a bespoke solution to the demands of looking after young children. The nannies would be there to take the pressure off, assist with toileting, feeding, nap times and of course entertaining. What a wonderful relief this would be for the bride and groom and their guests; to soak up the atmosphere, kick back and relax with a glass of bubbly and enjoy the day!

Nannies are known for being highly experienced with children; they hold child care qualifications, first aid training and a DBS check. All this means that the little VIPs can be cared for and attended to not too far away in a safe and secure environment, ensuring a more appealing and perfect fit for parents & guests on a wedding day. 

Nannytap provides high quality & experienced wedding nannies covering Liverpool, Wirral and Cheshire areas.

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