Code of conduct


Treat your child carer with respect. Show politeness friendliness, and warmness. You have responsibility and duty of care to the child carer.


Be considerate when cancelling or adjusting times. If it’s an advanced pre-planned booking please give them enough notice of cancellation or time adjustments. This will provide the child carer with sufficient time to re arrange their day or night. This applies if you are running late on a booking, adjusting times or returning earlier than planned. Offering good will gestures for last minute cancellations are at your discretion.This also applies to any tips that you may want to give to the child carer.



It is very important to share all your needs and requirements and be clear on all bookings. Keeping in touch and updating the child carer about any changes is key to having a smooth booking. If you want to be updated throughout the booking by the child carer please state how. You may find the Nannytap downloadable forms useful to write down instructions for your child carer.



Please remember to ask your child carer to show photo ID, DBS certificate and any other documents the child carer has stated they hold on all bookings. Please keep your mobile switched on at all times for Child care to reach you. We suggest you leave an emergency contact number as a backup.


NannyTap hopes that the above is clear, reasonable and helps to ensure the best possible experience for you and your child. 



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at