Code of conduct


Arrive at your booking on time. You should plan your route in advance. If using public transport check time tables. Book taxis in advance and give yourself enough time to get to your destination. If running late please let the Parent know giving as much notice as you possibly can.

Reliability & Dependency 

Remember parents/families are depending on you. Cancellations should not happen except in the case of an emergency. Parents can leave a review on your profile which may impact on your future bookings.


Communication really is the key to making all your bookings go smoothly. Listen and understand all instructions given to you. If you have arranged a pre-booking meet up it might be a good ideas to take along good old- fashioned pen & paper to jot down notes. Alternatively use our NannyTap downloadable forms.


As the adult responsible for the child/children you have a duty of care. You are required to maintain a safe, secure and respectful environment.



Safety is paramount. When out with children and around the home, do not do anything that may put yourself or the children in danger. Ask for full permission and consent for everything. Please show all your certificates (including photo ID, DBS forms and First Aid certificate) at each New booking.



Only take bookings from our NannyTap platform. Building a reputable profile with bookings and reviews will attract more work. Taking bookings offline by our users will result in your profile/subscription being deleted

NannyTap hopes that the above is clear, reasonable and helpful. As experienced child carers the code of conduct will not come as a surprise to you. Looking after someone else's child/children is a responsible & special job. This code of conduct recognises that you will be taking care of the most important & precious person in a parent’s life. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact